Waterproof Canvas Fabric for Outdoor Cushion Covers & Seating, Water Resistant Material 19 Colours by Neotrims UK

n10914 Water Repellent Canvas Fabric BY Neotrims turned into Backpack by AMANDA POPPLETON, beautifully crafted using our Two-Tone Canvas offered in 19 Colors. [Click here to Purchase]

See the 5 Star review and comments by Amanda, our Etsy Patron

Ref: n10914
It’s a Water Repellent Canvas, our best seller as family of Waterproof fabrics we offer. The two-tone version used here by Our Etsy customer Amanda is particularly a good example to show that any domestic sewing machine can handle this Fabric.

Its not only a beautiful looking fabric but also a heavy duty material with a water repellent coating adaptable for use on a domestic sewing machine.

Reviewed by Amanda Poppleton on ETSY – 19 Feb, 2021
“Excellent quality (heavy duty) waterproof canvas (plain black coating on reverse). Made a great backpack and easy to sew on a domestic sewing machine.”

Our Two-Tone Waterproof & Water Repellent Canvas Fabric is a medium weight, “heavy-duty” material which is ideal for indoor/outdoor purposes. Take note that this should not be used for pro longed exposure to outdoors. Its water repellent and not waterproof so not suitable for permanent outdoors. Cushions made for outdoor seating have to be stored away indoors after use each day.

This fabric is made from 100% polyester and comes in a range of 19 colours with a black PVC coating.

Here is another review of our stunning Two-Tone Waterproof Fabric:
“Good quality canvas fabric – lovely bright colour two tone blue! Very pleased! Thank you” Reviewed By Ennyl on Amazon United Kingdom – 28 August 2021

Thank you for all your positive reviews and thank you Amanda for your sharing your creations with us and we love to see and share all our customers lovely creations!

Water Balls Slide off the fabric. Wipeable and Wicks off Water Balls, does not penetrate

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