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It Grown on Trees, Natural as can be (Water is Well)

Catherine reviews our Voile Lawn Fabric

The voile we offer is 100% cotton and has a superior luxurious handle. This sheer gauze material is available in 17 colours including its natural undyed colour, ecru. Voile is a highly versatile fabric which can be used for dressmaking, home décors such as blinds and various other craft projects.

Valeria Diaz Acosta’s voile lawn fabric review

The voile we offer is a 100% cotton, medium weight fabric, offered in 17 colours including an ecru undyed natural colour. It’s a multipurpose fabric and can be used to make clothes and home décor. A semi-transparent woven fabric with a light delicate handle.

100% Natural Cotton Calico now at a cheaper price!

Same high quality now at a cheaper price. There’s never been a better time to buy our calico fabric! Now available at £3.38 per meter instead of £4.29, the calico we offer is a medium weight, unbleached, tightly woven fabric.

Corrine Giffin’s Trust Pilot review on our Moroccan Lattice Waterproof canvas

Neotrims is a family business, so we love to hear that family members are recommending us to their relatives! If you have any pictures of the waterproof cushions you’ve made don’t hesitate to share them with us by leaving a review on the Neotrims site!

Elaine Clayton’s review of our Waterproof Canvas Bundle.

Here at Neotrims, we love to see our products, that would be thrown away by other companies, being given a new lease of life by the ever creative and imaginative craft community. Thank you for the kind words and wonderful photo to match! We’d love to know the thought process behind the making of your fantastic seat pads. We love how you utilised all the colours in your bundle to make a truly wonderful piece of outdoor garden furniture!

Muslin Cheese Cloth fabric Pre Cut Squares. Brand New Product to The Neotrims Range

Our pure 100% cotton cheesecloth is tightly woven for greater straining performance, unbleached so no nasty chemicals can get into your food and lint-free! This year at Neotrims we had the bright idea to offer this cheesecloth in pre-cuts, so our patrons don’t have to spend time cutting away at our 1 meter cheesecloth.

Neotrims Waterproof Canvas Fabric Range. Selection Of Plain & Pattern Designs

This canvas fabric we offer in 5 different styles from plain to patterned print designs. Our waterproof canvas fabric our ideal for indoor or outdoor.