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Polkas, Roses, Playful (Waltz With Strauss)

The printed woven fabric Collections

A colourful and diverse category of products we sell at Neotrims. From bold Chevron zigzags to subtle English rose buds there’s a printed woven to suit your style. All our print woven fabrics are strong and have a crunchy feel. Their designs are high quality and are coloured perfectly.

Polka Dot Woven Fabric, Printed Pattern Material.

Polka dot printed woven fabric by Neotrims UK. Crunchy feel and handle, budget fabric aimed at craft projects.. Reviewed by Hannah on ETSY – 04 April, 2021 Perfect for small craft projects 🎀. Ref- n10752: Neotrims crunchy feel polyester material, not suitable for apparel or anything that requires wear and tear properties. Ideal for craft  (Read more)