Elaine Clayton’s review of our Waterproof Canvas Bundle.

Here at Neotrims, we love to see our products, that would be thrown away by other companies, being given a new lease of life by the ever creative and imaginative craft community. Thank you for the kind words and wonderful photo to match! We’d love to know the thought process behind the making of your fantastic seat pads. We love how you utilised all the colours in your bundle to make a truly wonderful piece of outdoor garden furniture!

Our Drawstring and Shoelace Category. An overview of the Neotrims Hoodie Cord.

The cords we offer will make a great replacement for any old, tattered drawstring or shoelace you may own, why not buy a cord that is built to last as well as look stylish? Over on Etsy patrons have been thoroughly enjoying our cords and have been eager to tell us what they think!

Muslin Cheese Cloth fabric Pre Cut Squares. Brand New Product to The Neotrims Range

Our pure 100% cotton cheesecloth is tightly woven for greater straining performance, unbleached so no nasty chemicals can get into your food and lint-free! This year at Neotrims we had the bright idea to offer this cheesecloth in pre-cuts, so our patrons don’t have to spend time cutting away at our 1 meter cheesecloth.

Our Etsy patron, Thei Myar’s, reviews our Sweatshirt fleece.

Our sweatshirt fleece is offered by the meter and with a rib as a combo pack! Available in 31 unique colours you can be sure that we have the right sweatshirt fleece colour for any design you’d like to create. Our soft and cosy sweatshirt fleece has a brushed finish that looks excellent on hoodies and jumpers. Created as a blend of cotton and acrylic our sweatshirt fleece is designed to be soft but durable.

A lovely review from Instagram user Karenjkayes

The rib pack is a great way to update your wardrobe sewing our ribs onto old clothes can give them a new lease of life! And paired with our sweatshirt you can completely revamp your wardrobe. And for the bargain price of £2.99 on our £1 shop, 29p per rib, it’s a bargain! Our rib packs are incredibly versatile, no two are ever the same!

Our Dazzling 2 line Sequin Ribbon Trimming

Our 2 line sequin shimmers beautifully in the light. Expertly created to have each sequin slightly overlapping each other to create a scale effect. Each sequin ribbon has a row of binding to make it easy to sew onto cushions, apparel, and anything you set your mind to! Offered in 3meter lengths, our 2 line sequins are fine to be cut down to the size you want!

Our Bestselling Sequin Ribbon Trimming Tape Border.

Presenting our single line sequin trimming available in 10 dazzling colours. These thin ribbons will add a very subtle shimmer to any piece of clothing or craft project it is implemented on. These ribbons are excellent, they have a selvedge edge which prevents the ribbon from fraying! Our sequin is incredibly hard to scratch, and you don’t have to worry about them coming apart in the washing machine!

Sparkly Square Sequin Ribbon in 25mm and 45mm widths.

One of the most stylish sparkly ribbons we offer and is available in 22 wonderful colours. This 1-meter ribbon, when used as a border, really adds character to anything it encompasses and brightens up older clothes. At the bargain price of £1.79 to £1.99 dependent on the colour, our square sequins are a bargain. Our uniform square sequins glisten resplendently with any light source.