Neotrims Loose Knit Jersey fabric

A jersey fabric with a unique faux mohair textured pattern. A fabric offered in 13 colours including, silver grey and navy blue, our open knit fabric is suitable for apparel as well as arts and crafts projects. A super wide fabric measuring 150cm wide per metre

Sweatshirt Brushed Back Fabric Buy Neotrims

A British manufactured Bestselling fabric available with our matching bestselling rib. Available in 31 colours, including Sky Blue and Cerise. This medium weight fabric has brushed back quality that would usually only be offered to high end stores and retailers, with a warmer and fleecier feel than standard sweatshirt, this fabric is so huggable!

Neotrims Harlequin Diamond Pattern Quilted Knit Jersey fabric

Neotrims Harlequin Diamond Pattern jersey is one of our bestselling fabrics.  With a beautifully soft handle and the iconic diamond stitch pattern, this fabric is a dream to work with, whether your making baby wear or using this fabric in an arts and crafts project