Fringe Trim Chainette Tassel Long Trimming by Neotrims Crafted onto a lovely T-Shirt by Katja

Chainette Fringe Trim in Solid and Two-Tone Colours,3 Size Variations [Click here to Purchase]


A Rayon Chainette Fringe Trim our bestselling fringe we offer out of the range of fringes we sell. Katja a loyal Esty customer of ours has used our Two-Tone fringe trimming here which shows good practical usage of how this item can be used. A crafty accessory which looks amazing on her T-Shirt.

“Beautiful fringes and great service. Thank you. I will buy again soon”

The Silky Chainette Tassel Fringe Trimming is available in 11 solid colours & 1 dusky colour Two-Tone Black/White. This fringe has a beautiful soft handle to it, with a luxurious feel and look that also has a flowing drape to it. Ideal for designing something when the goal is to have an aesthetic look.

Thank you for all your positive reviews and thank you Katja for your sharing your creations with us and we love to see and share all our customers lovely creations!

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