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Waterproof Canvas Fabric used to make a bag by Etsy Patron K Lloyd

A canvas is offered in 21 colours including silver grey and teal blue. With a 600 Denier, this PVC-coated 100% polyester fabric does a great job of wicking off the water but shouldn’t be kept outside during prolonged heavy rain.

Neotrims 6mm Barley Twist Cord reviewed by Etsy Patron Jacqueline Mueller

We’d like to thank Etsy Patron Jacqueline Mueller for providing us with this amazing photo of our Barley Twist being used to accessories a Beatles style Jacket. We’d loved to not what inspired you to create this piece of apparel and if you’ve made anything else with our products

Neotrims Soft Jersey Ribbed Knit & Purl Fabric used to create a Cardigan by Etsy Patron Lucy Maddon

Neotrims Knit and Purl Fabric used by Esty Patron Lucy Maddon to create a Cardigan, a Fabric available in 26 colours for Dress Making, Apparel, Blanket Throws.