Stunning Fur Cuddly Toy Made by @Kittyscreatives.

Soft, Cuddly, and Furry toy made using the Neotrims Faux Fur Fabric. [Click here for listing]

Ref- n10756: One of our patrons, Jess Cuddon, has shared her cute crafts with us! She has used our faux fur fabric to perfection by making these wonderful, furry toys. The fur is to die for, it has a luxurious handle and amazing drape. The plush pile and vibrant colours bring life to her craft… the list of opportunities for this fabric are endless.
Some of the most popular uses are… interior crafts, apparel, and blankets.

We love to see and share all our customers lovely creations, to share what you have made with us, you can either dm us or upload it onto Etsy, it would be much appreciated.❤

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