About Us

The Neotrims Group

A company of 30 Years standing, Family owned started by The senior Raja, now retired. The two sons now run the Neotrims group: Anant and Paresh Raja.

The group has two registered Brands: Neotrims™, a Textiles and accessories branch of the company and Janeo British Apparel™, which is the apparel branch, offering Men’s Work and Casual Shirts specially designed in house with a distinct British Look. 

The Neo Knitting and Trims Company now primarily concentrates on e commerce. The Ribs and Trims are knitted in house at the Leicester factory for which we have become renowned.

The E commerce business now caters for Retail B2C and B2B clients.

You can find us also in eBay, Amazon and Etsy in UK and all the Worldwide Stores on these portals. For wholesale and larger quantities, we encourage you to use the Neotrims.com website as these have wholesale prices from a quantity of 50 pcs or 50 Meters upwards. You can of course buy retail there too.

The fabrics are imported from far east and others produced in our Leicester factories.

100% British Made in UK:

Rib Knit Jersey, Various grades of Sweatshirt Fabrics and Matching Ribs, including the Organic Yarn Sweat shirting and the Heavy-Duty “BULLET” fabric.

The Rib Knits are for accessories Garments, as Welts, Waistbands, Cuffing and Neckbands.   

We are a rare bread, still knitting in the UK

Knitted Jersey’s, Furs and PU Fabrics & Trimmings:

A wide selection of jerseys for use in apparel and photography backdrops; all our styles have a incredibly wide range of colours.

The trims include an incredible selection of ribbons, braids & cords, Popper tapes in every possible variety/size, Stretch Elastic shock cords, Indian Sari borders, PU Tapes in plain, ostrich and crock skin looks. A fantastic range of Hoodie Cords with toggles and reflective cord shoe laces.

Woven’s: Water Repellent Canvas, Calico Cottons & Linen Blends:

We offer one of the widest selections of Water repellent Canvas fabrics for Outdoor/ Indoor Use; it’s one of our most popular products, the plain version and especially neotrims created unique patterned versions.

The Linen Cotton fabric is also a unique, few competitors can offer this fabric with a 100% natural fabric offered in two weights, including one suitable for Upholstery. The 100% Cotton is offered as Calico and Canvas; the canvas is a painter’s DUCK Canvas or a slightly lighter version in Ecru or Black.  Hugely popular because of its quality and price.

The Future

Our E commerce business evolves and grows with a huge following of loyal patrons and we support a lot of our clients who are small business owners specializing in various products or services: from Outdoor cushions manufacturers using our waterproof Canvas to Baby Photography Studios using our Jerseys as back drops because of the softness and colour range offered. A tot of small  designer garment labels use our knitted ribbing.

This, neotrims.com website has been particularly created to cater more for our Wholesale clients with transparency of prices for quantity-based purchases. You are welcome to send us specific enquiries via contact us for larger quantities purchase.  We ship worldwide.

E commerce has grown and blossomed more than expected because of the pandemic, but we envisage a good future ahead with your support. We are at your disposal for anything we can do to help further your business.

Anant & Paresh Raja