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Lauranne Heres reviews our light-weight 1×1 knit rib strips

Our 1×1 strip is the bestselling strip in its category and has over 150 positive reviews on Etsy alone! One strip is 100 to 110 centimetres long and 20 cm wide. With a cotton polyester composition, these strips are wear-resistant and comfortable to wear. Available in 22 colours such as ecru cream and dark violet, this strip has superb elasticity.

2×2 Stretch Rib Knit Cuff Ribbing, Elastane Waistband for Jackets & Collars

Popular 2×2 rib strip fabric is a British made product. A ribbing fabric for waistbands, cuffs, bomber jackets & collars. This is a resilient soft ribbing for garments and apparel.

Striped Rib Knit Elastic Cuff & Waistband Fabric. Neotrims Knitted Cuffing for Jackets & Collars

Our striped design rib cuff collections are knitted by the Neotrims. This set of ribs cuffs is supplied as 2 strip pieces that can be used on a full garment set.

Cream Rib Knit Tubular Cuff Stitched on Jacket Sleeve. Neotrims Ribbed Tubular Cuff Fabric.

Etsy Buy has taken our 2×2 tubular Rib Knit seamless cuff Fabric used on a Parka Jacket. It adds such a lovely finish to the coat

Rib Knit Fabric Cuff Ribbed Material by Neotrims. Chunky 2×2 Stretchy Waistband Rib Fabric used here on Flower Print Bomber Jacket by Neotrims Etsy Buyer

Our British Made Knit Ribbing Fabric. Our Etsy Buyer as used the ribbing as part of her floral flower print bomber jacket.

Rainbow Cuff Ribbing Stitched to Sweatshirt Hoodie Made by Neotrims Instagram Follower Helen Highley

British Made Welt Rib Strip Fabric ideal for garment stitching, revamping, and hemming of jacket. Instagram Follower Helen has used our Rainbow Ribbing for the Waistband and Cuffing