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Accessories Your Pants (And More)

Neotrims knit Rib Cuffing was used to make a hoodie by Etsy patron Alison.

Neotrims 2×2 Knit Rib 2×2 Fabric used to make a hoodie by Etsy patron Alison. A Ribbing is available with our Bestselling Sweatshirt Fleece so you can create a complete piece of apparel in one purchase.

Neotrims Stretch Knit Rib Welt used to create a Pair of Cosy Mittens by Etsy Patrons Nasu

Neotrims Stretch Knit Rib used to make a Pair of Winter Mittens by Etsy Patron Nasu. A rib with great Stretch and Durability thanks to its Acrylic/ Polyester/ Cotton Composition.

Rib Knit Tubular Cuff Pair & Matching Rib Reviewed by Etsy Patron Gavin Taggart

Perfect for revamping old bomber jackets and other apparel. This seamless cuffing is available in 28 colours including Black and Bottle Green. Sold as a cuff pair, by the metre or as a waistband cuff and waistband combo set