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Make It Work (And Perform) Perfectionally

Neotrims Snap Popper tape used to make adorable Dog Pyjamas by Etsy Patron Chiffon Queen

Neotrims Pastel Popper Tape used to Fasten Dog Apparel by Etsy patron Chiffon Queen. Pastel Popper Tape is exceptionally Strong with high strength plastic resin popper on a Polyester Ribbon.

Neotrims 6mm Flanged Barley Twist Piping Cord

Our 6mm flanged piping cord has an attractive glossy appearance. A 3ply cord with a great deal of strength, suitable for piping and upholstery. Available in a wide array of 36 colours including Duck Egg Blue and Chocolate Brown

Neotrims Elastic Stretch Shock Cord Bungee Rope Trimming

A functional yet fashionable trimming available in 21 colours, including plain and jacquard patterns. Available in three thicknesses, 2mm,3mm, 6mm and heavy duty 10mm bungee cord. An extremely tough cord thanks to its polypropylene outer covering and its inner multi-stranded natural rubber latex core.