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Make It Work (And Perform) Perfectionally

Neotirms Wide Range Collection of Cord & Pipping Trimmings

A variety of quality and strong cords for a range of different crafts and apparel projects. In this category, you will find a wide collection of different materials from cotton to stain or even velvet. All these cords here are available in an array of sizes and widths, so all you need to do is pick the relevant one for yourself.

Our Drawstring and Shoelace Category. An overview of the Neotrims Hoodie Cord.

The cords we offer will make a great replacement for any old, tattered drawstring or shoelace you may own, why not buy a cord that is built to last as well as look stylish? Over on Etsy patrons have been thoroughly enjoying our cords and have been eager to tell us what they think!

Our Dazzling Reflective Cords with Metal Stoppers with an excellent review by Tamanna Janjua

One of our incredibly talented Etsy patrons has implemented our glowing laces into their incredible white Nike Air force shoe design. We’d love to know what inspired you to make this design and if you have any other pictures of shoes that you have made unique!

 Introducing our 6mm Drawstring cord and Shoelace with Metal Stoppers

These stylish cords 1.4-meter cords are what your old hoodie or pair of shoes is missing! Offered in 14 unique vibrant colours such as “Snitch on me red” or “Flexing Big Green”, they can blend into any craft project or can take centre stage and be the star of the show! At the cheap price of £1.99 per piece, they are a bargain!

Our Fantastic 2-tone 6mmHoodie Drawstring Cord!

A member of our 100% cotton hoodie drawstring products in 12 brilliant, 2-tone colours with optional gunmetal toggles. Sold as 1-meter cords these hoodie cords are a perfect addition to any drawstring bag, colourful jogging bottoms or anything you can set your mind to! Our simple pure cotton drawstrings are very easy to use so you won be left tying yourself in knots!

Our soft but bold 100% cotton hoodie drawstring cords.

These bold cords are versatile they can be a key feature of your craft project, or they can effortlessly blend into your garments the choice is yours! Their clear heat set resin stoppers are the perfect armour against fraying. They are 10mm thick and over 1.8 meters long so you can trust that they won’t be too small for any conventional hoodie or pair of jogging bottoms.

Our silky soft 4-millimetre coffee cheap barley twist cord rope.

A slightly thinner variation of the 3ply 6mm cord but not missing out on any of the barley twist strength! It’s offered in 25 sharp colours including, optic white, kiwi green and light Wimbledon green, so it can be a perfect match for any colour scheme of almost every craft project! This is our bestselling barley cord and it’s built to last!