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Wear It, Drap It (And Craft It)

Olive Green Knit Jerseys Long Sleeve Jumper made By Neotrims Instagram’s Follower Faye Hudson

Neotrims Purl Brushed Knit Soft Jersey Ribbed Fabric made by Faye for a lovely craft project of hers. Our bestselling Jersey Fabric

4×2 Gold Jersey Rib Fabric used to make a Children’s Onzie Jumpsuit. Shared by Neotrims Esty buyer Julia Pecorelli

Gold children’s jumpsuit using our 4×2 Rib Effect Jersey Fabric. Neotrims stretch dressmaking apparel fabric.

Toddlers All in One Cable Knit Twist Cream Outfit shared by Etsy Neotrims Storefront front by C. Royal

Twist Cable Knit Fabric by Neotrims a popular beautiful polyester material used here for toddlers Outfit.

Polar Fleece Fox Children’s Dress! Neotrims Anti Pill Medium Weight Fleece Fabric for Apparel & Craft. Shared on Our Etsy Storefront by Kacey Rice.

A fox dress craft using our brick-coloured polar fleece fabric for a children’s garment. Our anti-Pill Polar Fleece fabric

Blue Jersey 4 x2 Rib Fabric used on a flamingo sweatshirt jumper as a Rib Cuff and a Neck Waistband; Neotrims Knit Jersey Fabric used by Etsy Buyer Hannah Remer

Hannah Remer flamingo jumper using Neotrims 4×2 Rib Jersey Fabric for cuffing and waistband.

Toy Doll Dressed in Neotrims Knit and Purl Jersey Fabric, Baby Blue Soft Luxurious Handel Material

Knit Jersey Baby Blue used by Martha Adamy to dress her Toy Doll ; shared on Neotrims Etsy Storefront. Our soft jersey knit & purl brushed fabric

Cable-Knit Ribbed Fabric, Knitted Sweater Style Material used as a Dress Apparel Garment; Neotrims Stretch Twist Fabric

Twist Cable Knit Fabric by Neotrims a popular beautiful polyester material used here for dressmaking by Etsy Buyer Asta

Polar Fleece for Making Cuddly Toy Crafts! Neotrims Antipill Polar Fleece materials are popular for Dressmaking, but more and more of our creative clients use it for crafts and toys too.

Our best seller fabric goes beyond just Apparel ; The Beige & Dark Grey colour Polar Fleece Fabric used by “Crys the Hybrid” crafts project to make beautiful cuddly animal toys. Neotrims Anti Pill fleece fabric

Jersey Wrap Round Blouse with a tie, all in the Knit and Purl Neotrims Brushed Lightweight Material. 26 Colours for Dressmaking Apparel.

Baby Blue Jersey Knit Fabric used to create a lovely fashionable blouse shared with us by Etsy buyer Carol.