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Tie It, Wrap It, Knot It, Show It (How Long is a Piece of String

Neotrims 6mm Silky Barley Twist Cord used as a Drawstring for a Gym bag by Amazon patron Trish

Neotrims 3 Ply Barley Twist Cord used as Drawstring for a Gym Bag for Amazon Patron Trish. This 6mm high-strength cord is extremely versatile and suitable for jewelry making, curtain edging, Crafts, etc.

Neotrims Double Sided Satin Ribbon used to make a Glittering rose by one of our Amazon customers

Neotrims double layered satin ribbon trimming used to create a rose by an Amazon Patron. A Ribbon available in 33 colours and in widths ranging from 16mm to 100mm.