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Tie It, Wrap It, Knot It, Show It (How Long is a Piece of String

White Drawstring Cord inserted into Denim Trouser Waistband. Neotrims 10mm & 15mm Hoodie Cord String for Sweatshirt Hoody.

Neotrims Etsy Buyer shares with us a good example how our Sweatshirt Drawstring Cord can be utilized. Our Hoodie Cord is 10mm & 15mm Flat Rope

Gingham Check Floral Flower Ribbon Trimming Decorated on this Beautiful Lovely Handmade Handbag. Shared By Neotrims Etsy Customer

Pretty Flower Ribbon Used on Etsy Buyer bag to add a stylish decretive look on her Bag. Using our French Picot Gingham Check Ribbon

Off White, Tassel Trim Fringe used on the end of Wedding Veil of Esty Buyers Elaine Murray. Neotrims 17cm Long Knotted Fringe Trimming

Our Criss Cross Long Fringe Trim applied on the end of Wedding Veil. A lovely and luxurious accessory item

Christmas Baby Grow with Santa Hat on Bulldog. Neotrims Red Snap Popper Tape used to Fastener Etsy Buyer Jo Page Baby Pyjamas

An Ideal Snap Tape for Duvets, Curtains, Baby Grows and Pillows. Jo shares how she’s applied our Snap Popper Tape to her Apparel Craft

Indian Mirror Embroidery Ribbon Trimming used to edge trim the Arm of an Antique Chair as Shared on the Neotrims Etsy Storefront

AA regular buyer of Neotrims items on our Etsy Storefront; Paula has shared this lovely image of her dining room chair using our Indian mirror embroidery ribbon as a decorative boarder trim.

6mm Barley Twist Cord with tassels used on Ceramic Floor Vase as a decorative trimming. Neotrims 3 PLY Upholstery Twist Cord

Amazon Buyer Joan Kelsey shares her floor vase showing how she’s used our trimming as a stylish & decorative home art craft

Velvet Cord Trim Tie for a Jewellery Floral Necklace Craft Accessory made by our Etsy customers Julie Komenda. A Soft 7mm Round Tubular Ribbon by Neotrims

Our Etsy buyer Julie has made the floral discs creative jewellery item, using our Velvet Ribbon Cord she’s created a piece of art.

Flanged Piping Cord is used as edging on these abstracted design cushions. A contrast Orange Insertion Trim to decorate the pillows shared by Etsy Buyer

An upholstery craft project shared by Esty patron. She shows a great example on how a flanged bias pipping cord can be applied to change the appearance of the cushions

Herringbone Ribbon twill tape used as Drawstring Hoodie Cord by Etsy Buyer Sarah Castell; A Soft Flat Cotton Trimming by Neotrims

Etsy Customer Sarah shares her Sweatshirt hoodie applying our Plain Silver Grey Flat Herringbone as a drawstring. Neotrims twill cotton herringbone tape