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Tie It, Wrap It, Knot It, Show It (How Long is a Piece of String

A Deep look into our High Quality Tassel Fringe Category.

A popular and diverse group of fringes. Ranging from glass beaded fringes to faux leather cut fringes. All the fringes we offer are of a high quality, built to last and at a bargain price! From elegant, beaded glass fringes to faux suede leather cut-out fringes, there’s a fringe for your craft project.

Tubular Round I Cord Crotchet Rope, 8mm Plaited Trim

Such an intricately woven high quality ribbon that will make any craft project look wonderful. The viscose ribbon’s texture looks beautiful when dyed and there are 23 colours to choose from like the brilliantly, bold bright red or a simple subtle mid grey.

10mm Glitter Velvet Lurex Ribbon by Neotrims

A truly dazzling product! Give your craft projects a look of elegance and class with this ribbon. We use high-quality two-tone polyester metallic glitter to create a brilliant sparkling effect. This lurex ribbon is made of real lurex yarn and is not a cheap knock-off!

Fantastic Fake Faux Fur Trimming review by Neotrims Customer Raven240173’s

Our faux fur trimming is a luxuriously soft trimming with a thick bouncy faux fur pile! Available in 2 distinct colours, black and polar white! This ribbon is 10cm wide and 1 meter long. Attached to a silky soft satin ribbon so it can be easily sewn into your craft project.

Our Dazzling 2 line Sequin Ribbon Trimming

Our 2 line sequin shimmers beautifully in the light. Expertly created to have each sequin slightly overlapping each other to create a scale effect. Each sequin ribbon has a row of binding to make it easy to sew onto cushions, apparel, and anything you set your mind to! Offered in 3meter lengths, our 2 line sequins are fine to be cut down to the size you want!

Our Bestselling Sequin Ribbon Trimming Tape Border.

Presenting our single line sequin trimming available in 10 dazzling colours. These thin ribbons will add a very subtle shimmer to any piece of clothing or craft project it is implemented on. These ribbons are excellent, they have a selvedge edge which prevents the ribbon from fraying! Our sequin is incredibly hard to scratch, and you don’t have to worry about them coming apart in the washing machine!

Sparkly Square Sequin Ribbon in 25mm and 45mm widths.

One of the most stylish sparkly ribbons we offer and is available in 22 wonderful colours. This 1-meter ribbon, when used as a border, really adds character to anything it encompasses and brightens up older clothes. At the bargain price of £1.79 to £1.99 dependent on the colour, our square sequins are a bargain. Our uniform square sequins glisten resplendently with any light source.

A lovely review by Etsy patron; Katty Silva on our Black Faux PU Leather Tape

Our faux leather tape looks brilliant in black but it’s only one of the 17 colours it is offered in; porcelain blue, young claret wine, deep olive and the list goes on! This style of PU tape is offered in 6 differing widths, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm. Our vegan, cruelty-free PU tape is offered on the Neotrims website for bargain prices of £1.79 or £1.89, dependent on colour and size.

A wonderful review of our Rayon silky Loop Fringe by Dawn France

Our rayon silky loop fringe comes in 12 stylish colours, there’s even a 2 tone black and white option, and each one is flying off the shelves. They come in a ribbon length of 1 yard and 3 different tassel lengths, 10cm, 15cm and 25cm.