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Vegan Fabrics (Don’t Worry PETA)

Soft Plush Fluffy Fur Fabric Cushion. Bright Hyacinth Pillow with Indian Gold Metallic Paisley Ribbon shared by Etsy Buyer Ellie Hubbard

Faux Fur fabric produced into a lovely comfortable fluffy cushion with a stunning Paisley Ribbon to style it off

Leather Ostrich Faux Fabric Dijon Handbag Shared Etsy Buyer. Strong Ostrich PU Fabric by Neotrims UK

Textured PU Ostrich Skin a leatherette fabric used here by Neotrims Etsy customer. A homemade handbag craft project.

Christmas Stocking Homemade Craft Project, Etsy Buyer Kimberly uses Neotrims Faux Fur Fabric as a Santa Beard.

A Simple and Creative craft design by Kimberly, she’s got into the festive spirit by creating a homemade stocking for her son using our long hair faux fur fabric as part of the project

Wool Fabric Fleece used on the Collar & Inside of this Vintage Denim Jacket, Shared by Neotrims Etsy Customer Natalie. A Super Soft Wool Fur Fabric!

Natalie has applied our wool fleece fabric as a lining of the inside her boyfriend denim jacket. Providing warmth and comfort to him! A domestic fleece sewing fabric

Soft Faux Fur Powder Puff, A Furry Vintage Makeup Brush using Neotrims Plain Fake Fur Fabric.

Innovative at its best! Our Etsy customers are amongst the most creative entrepreneurs and Crafters; our Neotrims Faux Fur Fabric used to make a vintage Makeup Power Puff putting good use to our Oatmeal colour. A soft, luxurious material perfect for a craft project

Faux Fur Pom Pom toy, A Furry Play Ring and A Base Mat using Neotrims Ivory Fake Fur Fabric to accessorize The Cat Scratcher

Neotrims Faux Fur Fabric, a luxurious soft handle material used to complement a cat scratcher by a fellow Etsy customer. Using’s our Oatmeal colour to match the beige cord, A choice of 23 colours available

Stunning Fur Cuddly Toy Made by @Kittyscreatives.

Soft, Cuddly, and Furry toy made using the Neotrims Faux Fur Fabric. [Click here for listing] Ref- n10756: One of our patrons, Jess Cuddon, has shared her cute crafts with us! She has used our faux fur fabric to perfection by making these wonderful, furry toys. The fur is to die for, it has a  (Read more)