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10mm Glitter Velvet Lurex Ribbon by Neotrims

A truly dazzling product! Give your craft projects a look of elegance and class with this ribbon. We use high-quality two-tone polyester metallic glitter to create a brilliant sparkling effect. This lurex ribbon is made of real lurex yarn and is not a cheap knock-off!

Our Dazzling 2 line Sequin Ribbon Trimming

Our 2 line sequin shimmers beautifully in the light. Expertly created to have each sequin slightly overlapping each other to create a scale effect. Each sequin ribbon has a row of binding to make it easy to sew onto cushions, apparel, and anything you set your mind to! Offered in 3meter lengths, our 2 line sequins are fine to be cut down to the size you want!

Lampshade Set Made by Our Instagram Follower The Present Home using Neotrims Indian Mirror Embroidery Ribbon as a Decorative Trim

Shared with us on Instagram, a lovely set of handmade lampshade that looks so fresh and bright. They’ve taken our Indian mirror embroidery ribbon and have used it as a decorative boarder trim.

Rayon Silky Loop Fringe, Tassel Trim Used for This Snazzy Leopard Print Lamp Shade.