Rayon Silky Loop Fringe, Tassel Trim Used for This Snazzy Leopard Print Lamp Shade.

Tassel fringe trimming used by ‘Tania’ to make this beautiful lamp shade craft. [click here to purchase]

Ref- n10817
This snazzy lamp shade craft was made by one of our dear Etsy customers – ‘Tania’, thank you for sharing your craft with us, we love your style and edge! She has used our highly rated rayon silk fringe trim in the black colourway to complete her stunning lamp shade craft. The fringe trim that hangs off the edge of the craft, gives the lamp shade a stylish finish to match the stylish theme of having a leopard print pattern on the lampshade. The combination of the two create a luxurious and upmarket appearance.

A silky, luxurious, and elegant fringe trimming with a beautiful flowing drape. This looped fringe is ideal for garment trims, handbags, accessories, crafts, and home décor, because it oozes style and elegance. Furthermore, it has an extremely soft and supple handle.

It is available in 11 dusky colours and 1 two-tone colour.

Thank you for all your positive reviews and for sharing your creations with us and we love to see and share all our customers lovely creations!

Reviewed by ‘Aimée Tynkkynen’ on ETSY – 24th Aug 2021
This is a kind review from another Neotrims patron, they have purchase one of our products in the past and were very satisfied.

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