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Sweatshirt Fleece isn’t just for humans! Neotrims British Made Sweatshirt Hoodie Fabric

A jersey for a dog! Brilliant! Thank you BOISthelabel for giving us this review to write about! We are glad to see our products are beings put to good use! Our brushed sweatshirt fleece is so warm and soft, perfect for keeping you and your pets cosy. The colour red suits your dog perfectly. We appreciate you sharing this image with us seeing an interesting review like this really brightens up our day!

Our Dazzling 2 line Sequin Ribbon Trimming

Our 2 line sequin shimmers beautifully in the light. Expertly created to have each sequin slightly overlapping each other to create a scale effect. Each sequin ribbon has a row of binding to make it easy to sew onto cushions, apparel, and anything you set your mind to! Offered in 3meter lengths, our 2 line sequins are fine to be cut down to the size you want!

Soft Sheep’s Wool Fleece Pile Fabric Used for This Beautiful Cuddly Toy Craft.

Faux Fur Fabric Furry Material Used for This Snuggly, Soft Blanket Craft.

Sweatshirt Fleece Fabric, Brushed Jersey Material, British Made, Used for This Amazing Dog Jumper.

Sweatshirt Fabric, French Terry Bullet Used for This Stylish Hoodie Craft.

Faux Fur Fabric Furry Material Used for This Beautiful Cuddly Toy Craft.

Rayon Silky Loop Fringe, Tassel Trim Used for This Snazzy Leopard Print Lamp Shade.

Quilted Knit Jersey Fabric with a Harlequin Diamond Pattern Used for This Reversible Kids Jacket.