Neotrims Stretch Sequin trimming reviewed by our Etsy patron Gurdip Jheeta

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Ref- N1837

Thank you Gurdip for providing us with this excellent review of our Stretch sequin fabric. We love the colour scheme you have selected for your craft project and like the placement of the sowing needle in your picture. We are curious to know what you were making, kindly leave us a follow-up review on our website with a photo of what you have created using our stretch sequins to be featured in our next blog post. Thank you for commenting on our delivery times we always try and ship out our orders as soon as possible.

The trimming purchase by Gurdip is our 2 rows, 2cm stretch sequin trimming. Available in 17 colours there is a colour to match any craft project. Our 5mm metallic sequins cluster up to make a zig-zag pattern with a total depth of 20mm. We offer this trimming is by the yard. A trimming suitable for costume making, crafts and other apparel.

If you have purchased any of our products don’t hesitate to leave a review on our website. You could be featured in our next blog post.

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