Neotrims Knit and Purl Fabric used to make craft bees by Etsy patron Patricia Donlon

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Thank you, Patricia Donlon, for you amazing artwork you have created with our knit and purl fabric. We would love to know what inspired you to come up with this design and if you had any more craft projects you could show us don’t hesitate to leave us a review on our website with what you have created.

Patricia Donlon, “As I expected, the fabric wasn’t easy to sew with as it’s very stretchy and needed stabilising with interfacing. I was making some bee cuddle cushions and was happy with the results.”

The fabric bought by our Etsy patron is knit and purl soft jersey fabric. Available in 26 colours this semi brushed fabric is exceptionally soft. Available in 26 colours this fabric is suitable for baby photography, crafts, sewing and more.

Thank you to all our patrons for leaving reviews of what you have created on a daily basis. If you have created anything wonderful don’t hesitate to leave a review on our website to be featured in our next blog.

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