Jute Twine String Rope. Natural, Biodegradable Cord Used for This Stunning Home Décor Craft.

Natural garden cord used by ‘Alyfranks12’ to create this innovative hanging decoration. [click here to purchase]

Ref- N10985
This stunning hanging decoration was made by one of our dear Etsy customers – ‘Alyfranks12’, thank you for sharing your craft and leaving a kind review! They have used our highly popular jute string cord to make this home decoration. The jute style of the rope compliments the rest of the craft perfectly and gives it a complete finish.

A natural, eco-friendly, garden rope with a high versatility quality. This natural rope is great for garden use, for either tying plants or decorating floral arrangements. It has many more arts & crafts uses such as gift wrapping, cat scratchers, and home décor… the opportunities are endless! Moreover, jute cord has outstanding strength, meaning it can be used for hard wearing craft projects too.

It is available in 4 widths.

Thank you for all your positive reviews and for sharing your creations with us and we love to see and share all our customers lovely creations!

Reviewed by ‘HippieGirlAnna’ on ETSY – 6th Dec 2020
This is a kind review from another Neotrims patron, they have purchase one of our products in the past and were very satisfied.

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