Waterproof Canvas Fabric, Water Repellent Material Used for This Wonderful Backpack.

Canvas material used by ‘Sarah Slater’ to create this cool backpack bag for her nephew. [click here to purchase]

Ref- N10799
This amazing bag was made one of our loyal Etsy customers – ‘Sarah Slater’, thankyou for sharing your lovely craft and kind review with us! They have used one of our best-selling fabrics and put it to good use… they have made a boy’s backpack with the canvas being the main exterior material. The semi-sheen on the canvas gives the bag a crisp and slick finish; moreover, this bag isn’t just stylish, the water repellent properties of the canvas make this a water-resistant bag, ideal for when it rains.

A popular, lightweight, mould-resistant canvas fabric with multi-purpose qualities. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor upholstery, seating, seat pads, beanbag coverings, boats, and caravans. One of the best features of this fabric is the versatility, as you can see from the list of different ways it can be used effectively.

It is available in an array of stunning colours to fulfil your creative wants and needs.

Thank you for all your positive reviews and for sharing your creations with us and we love to see and share all our customers lovely creations!

Reviewed by ‘Ilaria Introzzi’ on ETSY – 9th Feb 2021
This is a kind review from another Neotrims patron, they have purchase one of our products in the past and were very satisfied.

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