Neotrims Faux Fur Fabric was reviewed by Etsy patron Susan Beaney to make a powder puff.

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Thank you, Susan, for providing this excellent image of our faux fur fabric being used to make a powder puff. We would love to know what inspired you to create this and if you have created anything else with our fabrics. Kindly leave us a follow-up review on our website if you have any more pictures.

The fabric purchased by Susan Beaney is our 100% polyester faux fur fabric. Available in 23 colours, there is sure to be a colour that matches your craft project. This is an extra wide fabric with a width of 165cm meaning you get more fabric per metre than many of our competitors. A fabric with a soft and cuddly handle thanks to its 10mm plush pile. This fabric is suitable for crafts, apparel, costume making and as a photography backdrop.

If you have purchased any of our fabrics or trimmings or are impressed with our customer service don’t hesitate to leave a review on our website to be featured in our next blog post.

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