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Polar Fleece Anti-Pill Fabric Material with a Soft Handle

Polar Fleece, Anti-Pill Fabric Material, with a soft handle. Our beige polar fleece has been used for this beautiful fleece jacket by one of our dear Etsy customers – Elisabeth Naomi. The fleece fabric gives this jacket a cosy, warm and tidy look.

Water Proof Fabric Canvas By Neotrims UK

Water Proof Fabric Canvas By Neotrims UK. Water Repellent, Waterdrops Slides Off, Not Penetrate. Outdoor Seat Pads, PVC Coated, Strong Durable. Reviewed by Jenny on ETSY – 07 Aug, 2021Excellent fabric, thank you. I was feeling lazy and I simply cut the mats with pinking shears. If I change my mind I might sew proper  (Read more)

Jute Twine String Rope Cord

Neotrim Twine Spool,Jute String Cord & 10mm Matching Braid,Craft Gift Garden DIY

Jute Twine String Rope, 3 Ply.2 – 3mm, 4mm, 6mm & 10mm Thick. Natural Biodegradable Garden Cord,Hanging Decoration, Wrapping Bundling. Jute Cord String rope used part of this arts & craft projects by one of our fellow Etsy customers. They quoted “Just right for my craft project! Arrived well packaged” Thank you for sharing this  (Read more)

Faux Suede Strap Trimming, Smooth Leather Effect.

Faux Suede Strap Tape Trimming, Two Size Widths 10mm & 20mm, 22 Colours, Strong Soft Smooth Leather Suede Trim Braid by Neotrims. Look at this amazing bag which uses our leather tape trimming as a strap, shared by @sarahelizabethharrison👏 This Neotrims item is multi-purpose and can be used for such things as… Crafts and decorations, Apparel,  (Read more)

This dog is loving life, in our brushed jersey fabric

This dog is loving life, in our brushed jersey fabric. The amazing dog’s hoodie was made by boisthelabel. They have used the red colour to really make the hoodie pop. Neotrims offers 22 colours in this product, click the link on the image above to shop now! you can create a variety of apparel using  (Read more)