Toddlers Backpack using Our Duck Egg Blue Waterproof Canvas Fabric. Shared by Neotrims Etsy Customer K Lloyd

Neotrims Water Repellent Canvas used to craft this Toddlers Backpack. Our Waterproof Canvas Fabric available in 21 Colours [Click Here to Purchase]


Our lightweight indoor and outdoor waterproof canvas fabric is a ideal material for upholstery, seating, seat pads, beanbag coverings, canopy and many more. Available in 21 stunning colours our plain water repellent canvas is our bestselling waterproof fabric out of the 6 we offer.

Few notes you should take is this Water Canvas Fabric should not be used for pro longed exposure to outdoors and that it is water repellent and not waterproof so not suitable for permanent outdoors.

We are now offering a Bulk wholesale listing for our plain waterproof fabric which you can see at this link here.

Click Here to See of our waterproof / water repellent fabrics.

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