Pink & Cerise Heat Patterned Bomber Jacket Shared by Instagram Blog Zest & Lavender. Using Neotrims Striped Rib for the Waistband

Instagram Blog Zest & Lavender has made this Lovely Bomber for Valentine’s Day. She’s applied our Striped Ribbing as Waistband. Neotrims Striped & Plain Cuff Knit Rib Fabric [Click Here to Purchase]

Here at Neotrims we do a wide Selection fashionable of Rib Knit Fabrics. Our rib knit cuff fabrics and strips are most used for garment revamping or DIY apparel projects.

We do a range of rib compositions from acrylic & polyester ribs to poly cotton ribbing which are perfect for cuffing and waistbands. Our Ribs are supplied by the meter or in strip pieces this is depending on the product.

All our Rib cuffs and strips are British Made Product with majority being produced at our factory here in Leicester.

If you have any questions and queries about Kint Rib fabrics or any other of our products feel free to contact us or leave a comment.

Zest & Lavender – You are now a Neotrims VIP client! as you have been featured on our blog! (Your further comments would be great, please add a few words on this blog and perhaps you can share more pictures of your beautiful creations.)

Thank you for all your positive reviews and for sharing your creations with us. We love to see and share all our customers lovely projects!

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