Water Proof Fabric Canvas By Neotrims UK

Water Proof Fabric Canvas By Neotrims UK. Water Repellent, Waterdrops Slides Off, Not Penetrate. Outdoor Seat Pads, PVC Coated, Strong Durable.

Reviewed by Jenny on ETSY – 07 Aug, 2021
Excellent fabric, thank you. I was feeling lazy and I simply cut the mats with pinking shears. If I change my mind I might sew proper edges, but I don’t think it’s essential. In the photo you can see the turned-up corners. Not a problem. The mats had been stored rolled up, and after a few minutes were flat again.

Ref- n10799: Neotrims Water Repellent & Waterproof* 600 Denier Canvas Fabric, & Mould Resistant. 21 Colours.
Ideal for indoor/outdoor seating, beanbags and covers

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