Etsy patron “Go fur it studios” uses our Velour Polar Fleece to create the beak on a Fursuit.

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Go fur it studios, 31st of July 2022, “Perfect! exactly what I wanted, super soft and smooth. Used on the beak of a fursuit!”

We love reviews! Thank you “go fur studios” for the kind words and the brilliant image to match. We love to see the businesses we supply to making wonderful things with our products. Our ocean turquoise velour polar fleece matches the colour scheme of your fur suit head perfectly. We’d love to know what inspired to create this fur suit design and if we’ll be able to see the whole fur suit once it’s ready. If you have created anything else with our products, we’d greatly appreciate it if you left us another review!

Our velour polar fleece is one of our best-selling products and it’s unique to Neotrims! Available in 28 colours including olive moss and graphite grey. This fabric is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of craft projects, apparel, and home décor. With a genuine anti-pill finish, our velour polar fleece will not shed onto your clothes and hair. Velour polar fleece has a slight stretch and moisture buffering properties. This fabric is easy to work with, it doesn’t fray or unravels when cut. Our velour polar fleece has a luxurious appearance without the luxurious price tag. With prices of just £9.95 per metre (before wholesale discounts) this fabric is a bargain.

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One thought on “Etsy patron “Go fur it studios” uses our Velour Polar Fleece to create the beak on a Fursuit.

  1. Ray Meadows says:

    Thanks for putting us on your blog! We absolutely love your velour fleece and hope to use it in future on more of our work, it’s wonderful stuff! This lovely fursuit head was a trade piece with another talented maker in called CritterCSuits on twitter. They gave us the design and we brought it to life to be worn around conventions!

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