Neotrims Faux Fur Fabric used to re-skin a cat scratcher by Etsy Patron Kirsty Evans

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Kirsty Evan, we love your creativity, using our faux fur fabric to create a cat scratcher was an excellent idea. Our oatmeal-coloured faux fur fabric matches your craft project effortlessly. If you’ve created anything else with our products don’t hesitate to leave another review on our website, to be featured in our next review.

Neotrims Faux Fur fabric is a completely vegan fabric available in 23 colours including, Honey Butterscotch and Vibrant Hyacinth. This soft and cuddly material has a 10mm plush pile making it extra soft and huggable. This is an extra wide fabric measuring 165 cm per metre meaning you get more fabric per metre than many of our competitors. We offer our faux fur fabric as a sample, a fat square and by the metre. An exceptional fabric is suitable for crafts, apparel, costume making and as a photography backdrop.

If you’ve created anything with our products don’t hesitate to leave a review on our website to be featured in our next blog post.

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