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Multi Coloured Vibrant Sweatshirt Hoodie made by Neotrims Etsy Buyer Elam Buteil. Colourful Bright Hoodie!

Elam a Neotrims Etsy customer shares his Sweatshirt Hoodie projected with us. Using a variety of our vibrant Sweatshirt fleece colours he’s been able to craft the hoodie.

Burgandy Sweatshirt Fleece Hoodie made by Samantha Rorrison. Using Neotrims Drawstring Hoodie Cord & Plain Fur Fabric as part of the Sweater.

Samantha has used a variety of Neotrims bestselling products for her hoodie fleece craft project. Neotrims Sweatshirt Fleece Fabric

Sweatshirt Fleece Emerald Green Jersey Top Shared with us on Instagram. Neotrims British Made Sweatshirt Fabric

A lovely Sweater made by Instagram Follower “ukpoppyberry” She’s taken our Sweatshirt Fleece for her domestic sewing project.

Black Sweatshirt Top with Interesting Sleeve Design shared by Etsy Patron Olivia Hunter. Neotrims Hoodie Fleece Fabric

Simple Craft Project shared By Etsy Buyer Olivia! Using our Black Sweatshirt Fleece & Rib for Sweatshirt Top

Toddlers Ocean Blue Full Tracksuit Garment Set Using Neotrims Sweatshirt Fleece Fabric & Matching Ribbing. Shared By Neotrims Etsy Buyer Helen

A Comfortable Toddler Homemade Tracksuit for a 6 month year old boy. Our Ocean Electric Blue fleece hoodie fabric and matching ribbing Combo

Dog Jumper Jersey Sweater made by Etsy Buyer Rosa. Lavender Sweatshirt Hoodie Fleece Fabric & Rib by Neotrims UK

A warm and comfortable Sweatshirt Jersey for a Cute Pit Bull Terrier using our Lavender fleece hoodie fabric for her craft

Khaki Sweatshirt Hoodie Top, Neotrims Brushed Back Fleece Fabric used by Jennifer Bremner Our Etsy Buyer

Hoodie Sweatshirt Jersey by Jennifer, Neotrims Soft Khaki Green Fleece Fabric used to make this fleecy Sweater

Multi Coloured Sweatshirt Jersey Jumper used here by Esty Buyer Elle Morgan-Vane. A lovely creative Craft projected

Elle our Neotrims Etsy buyer shares here sweatshirt top with us using a range of our dusky sweatshirt fabric colour to make a crafty apparel jumper

Green Sweatshirt Jacket with Scout Badge on Sleeve Made with Neotrims Brushed back Sweatshirt Fabric. By Neotrims Etsy Buyer Charles Gordon

A Sweatshirt Jacket Jersey by Charles Gordon shared on Etsy. A Scout looking fleece jacket.

Hoodie Sweatshirt Top with Afro Caribbean Print Design on Neotrims black Brushed back Sweatshirt Fabric. Designer Hoodies by a Neotrims Etsy buyer

A Sweatshirt hoodie jersey,beautifully designed by our Esty customer Kwame, a Afro Caribbean style. Our Classic Black Sweatshirt fabric.