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Pink & Cerise Heat Patterned Bomber Jacket Shared by Instagram Blog Zest & Lavender. Using Neotrims Striped Rib for the Waistband

Instagram Blog Zest & Lavender has made this Lovely Bomber for Valentine’s Day. She’s applied our Striped Ribbing as Waistband. Neotrims Striped & Plain Cuff Knit Rib Fabric

Marvel Avenger Supper Hero Pyjamas using Neotrims Rib Knit Ribbing on the Collar.Our Cotton Polyester 1×1 Rib Cuff Fabric.

A Neotrims Best Seller; Our Stretchy 1×1 Rib Knit Waistband & Strip Cuff has been used here by Etsy Buyer Emily and Annie for her Marvel Avenger Pyjama set.

Graffiti Sweatshirt Hoodie Stitched with Neotrims Rainbow Rib Striped Cuffing Waistband shared by Instagram follower Made with by Mammy

Hoodie Graffitied Sweatshirt applied with our rainbow striped rib. A lovely rib which matches perfectly with her graffiti garment

Rib Knit cuff trimmed on the pair of Polar Bear Mittens by Neotrims Stretchy Cuffing for Bombers & Jackets to attach to Garments

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Ribbed Knit Cuffing & Waistband trimmed on a Velour Bomber Jacket; Neotrims Cotton Polyester 1×1 Cuff Ribbing Fabric in 22 Colours.

Neotrims Knitted Rib Fabric used as Cuffing the sleeves on hand crafted blouson Jacket by our Etsy customer Zoe Jones. It’s a Neotrims consistent best seller; Stretchy 1×1 Rib Knit Waistband & Cuffing Strips.

A Classic Parka Coat with a revamp Rib Knit Cuff; an extended the cuff feature using Neotrims Ribbed Tubular Cuff Fabric.

Neotrims Tubular 2×2 Rib Knit seamless cuff Fabric used on a Parka Jacket to replace old cuffing with a new newvamp; extended cuffs on the sleeves.

Jogging Trankies trimmed with a side Glitzy Knitted Tape along then leg, Neotrims Intarsia 3 colour Stripe Tape Stapping to revamp Tracksuit legging bottoms.

Striped Rib Knit Trim Tape on legging bottoms as a decorative stylish fashionable trim by our Etsy customer StGeorgeAve

Ribbed Knit Fabric Tubular Cuff Rib Knit Trim, Neotrims Cuffing used on Club Sweatshirt Uniform Garment; Shared by our Etsy Patron Tane.

This product is 100% British made in Leicester at our factory; you can see more of our British made products here Here are a few of our other reviews from our customer across our platforms: Review in Etsy by – Jacquelyn S Morrison on 09 Jan 2018 “These cuffs fit perfectly on a coat my  (Read more)