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Neotrims Loose Knit Jersey fabric

A jersey fabric with a unique faux mohair textured pattern. A fabric offered in 13 colours including, silver grey and navy blue, our open knit fabric is suitable for apparel as well as arts and crafts projects. A super wide fabric measuring 150cm wide per metre

Neotrims Leisurewear Honeycomb Knit Rib Fabric

A fabric with a soft handle and a great drape with a unique knitted web pattern. Our honeycomb fabric is so soft that is suitable for your baby to lay on during a photoshoot! With a slight stretch in both directions, this lightweight jersey fabric is super wide, 165 cm wide per metre.

Chunky Knit Ribbed Fabric

An acrylic/polyester rib built for performance. The most functional rib compared to its similar 2×1 rib; nkrb4327 and nkrb7442 rib. Because of its polyester composition this rib has great spring back and elastane-like stretch retention properties.

Presenting our 4×2 Ribbed Ottoman Jersey Fabric

This ribbed ottoman jersey fabric is a wonderful addition to our family of photography backdrops fabrics. With a unique 2-colour melange marl effect, this medium-weight fabric has a soft handle and a great drape. This 4×2 fabric is one of only three 4×2 ribbed fabrics we offer on Neotrims.

Quilted Knit Jersey Fabric, Double Layer Diamond Pattern Design Fabric, Neotrims Quilt Style Jersey for Apparel, Cushions & Children’s Décor

Our Harlequin Diamond Design Padded Quilted Jersey Fabric is a 100% Polyester material that has a soft and crispy cotton jersey handle. Making it a great fabric for insulating and lining jackets & clothing

Cable Knit Jersey Fabric, Ribbed Sweater Style Knitted Fabric, Neotrims Stretch Twist for Apparel & Garment making.

Our beautiful polyester material Cable Knit Jersey in 14 Colours is a perfect knit design fabric for making jumpers, sweaters & cardigans.

Jersey Ribbed Knit Fabric, Soft Brushed Stretch Material, Neotrims 26 Colours Dressmaking & Craft Fabric

Neotrims stretch knit fabric Jersey is a 165 – 170 cms wide fabric with a brushed finish

Rib Knit Fabric Cuff Ribbed Material by Neotrims. Chunky 2×2 Stretchy Waistband Rib Fabric used here on Flower Print Bomber Jacket by Neotrims Etsy Buyer

Our British Made Knit Ribbing Fabric. Our Etsy Buyer as used the ribbing as part of her floral flower print bomber jacket.

Rainbow Cuff Ribbing Stitched to Sweatshirt Hoodie Made by Neotrims Instagram Follower Helen Highley

British Made Welt Rib Strip Fabric ideal for garment stitching, revamping, and hemming of jacket. Instagram Follower Helen has used our Rainbow Ribbing for the Waistband and Cuffing