Sweatshirt Fleece review by Etsy Buyer Solange’s, a stylish & lovely creation.

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Ref- NKRB9485

With this review a photo speaks a thousand words, using our sweatshirt fleece to make a wonderful blue jumper! We’d like to know what inspired you to create a blue hoodie with a distinctive red logo, we love it!

We offer sweatshirt fleece in 31 distinct colours and as a sweatshirt, rib combo so you can create a whole shirt in one purchase! Our medium weight sweatshirt is brushed back to have an even softer feel, a cleaner aesthetic look and is even cosier on the inside. Created as a blend of cotton and acrylic the sweatshirt fleece we offer is built to last and be as comfortable to wear as possible.

If you have created anything using our sweatshirt a review on our website would be greatly appreciated, we love to see what the craft community is making with our products. Solange’s we’d like to thank you again for the review and if you’ve made anything else using our products don’t be afraid to post another review, welcome to the VIP club!

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