Jogging Trankies trimmed with a side Glitzy Knitted Tape along then leg, Neotrims Intarsia 3 colour Stripe Tape Stapping to revamp Tracksuit legging bottoms.

Striped Rib Knit Trim Tape on legging bottoms as a decorative stylish fashionable trim by our Etsy customer StGeorgeAve [Click Here to Purchase]

Ref- nkrb10967

Popular for fashion apparel and costume decoration our knitted intarsia rib tape strap has a selvedge edge finished on both sides, easily topstitched on any garment for decoration or feature. 25mm wide polyester Retro Style striped trimming for functional and fashionable uses. Really easy to apply as no folding of raw edges required.

StGeorgeAve shares her great craft apparel project with us using our Striped Ribbon Tape which they’ve attached on to trouser jogger bottoms. They quote …. “Great tape. I purchased it twice as I was quite happy with it”

Thank you, StGeorgeAv, for sharing your creation with us! You are now a Neotrims VIP!; as you now have been featured on our blog! (Your further comments would be great, please add a few words on this blog and perhaps show us more pictures of the garment you have applied this tape to.)

Thank you for all your positive reviews and for sharing your creations with us; we love to see and share all our customers lovely projects!

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