Beautiful Waterproof Canvas Outdoor Cushions Made by Lisa King.

Canvas Made using Neotrims Water Repellent Fabric by our Customer Lisa King

Vibrant Outdoor Garden Cushions Made Using the Neotrims Waterproof Canvas Fabric [CLICK HERE FOR LISTING].

Ref- n10799: One of our loyal customers, Lisa King, has made these gorgeous, vibrant, tidy cushions using our stunning waterproof canvas; one of our best sellers! It’s a truly beautiful fabric that has several qualities… It is lightweight, windproof, durable, and of course water repellent. We offer this fabric in 21 exciting, vibrant colours to fulfil your imagination’s wants and needs. Ideal for indoor/outdoor seating, beanbags and covers

We love to see and share all our customers lovely creations, to share what you have made with us, you can either dm us or upload it onto Etsy, it would be much appreciated.❤

Reviewed by Shelley Halliday on AMAZON – 27 April, 2021
Fantastic quality material, easy to work with and feels nice. I made bench seat covers with the yellow and they’re super bright and look great on a sunny day. They’ve been outside constantly for the last couple of weeks and so far are totally waterproof. I’d buy this again..

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