Our Dazzling Reflective Cords with Metal Stoppers with an excellent review by Tamanna Janjua

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Tammanna Janua 23 May 2020: “LACES LOOK AMAZING! Such a quality product 😍”

One of our incredibly talented Etsy patrons has implemented our glowing laces into their incredible white Nike Air force shoe design. We’d love to know what inspired you to make this design and if you have any other pictures of shoes that you have made unique!

Our glowing reflective cords were carefully crafted with a jacquard abstract pattern that look so it looks brilliant the day and night! With 14 illuminating colours to choose from you can even mix and match the laces to really stand out from the crowd. Offered as 1.2-meter cords they’ll fit perfectly with almost any casual shoe design or size. For added quality and durability we’ve fitted them with metal stoppers that act as a strong barrier against fraying, and damage and give the cords a slick finish!

Thank you for all your positive reviews and for sharing your creations with us. We love to see and share all our customer’s lovely projects!

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