Jute Rope Twine String; Neotrims Natural 3 PLY 3mm,4mm,6mm & 10mm Tick Rope used for Garden & Home Décor Crafts

Our Best-Selling Jute cord for decoration and industrial uses, a 100% Natural string used here by Esty buyer Karen Vaughan to hang up a tribute plaque for her mother. Neotrims 6mm Jute String Rope

Green Sweatshirt Jacket with Scout Badge on Sleeve Made with Neotrims Brushed back Sweatshirt Fabric. By Neotrims Etsy Buyer Charles Gordon

A Sweatshirt Jacket Jersey by Charles Gordon shared on Etsy. A Scout looking fleece jacket.

Rib Knit cuff trimmed on the pair of Polar Bear Mittens by Neotrims Stretchy Cuffing for Bombers & Jackets to attach to Garments

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Velvet Ribbon Trimming in 10mm, 19mm & 25mm for Stylish Craft Projects & Decoration a Soft & Luxurious Bridal Ruban Trim by Neotrims

Neotrims Velour Velvet Ribbon in a selection of colours and sizes used here as a ball bubble décor craft by Etsy customer Amy

Cable-Knit Ribbed Fabric, Knitted Sweater Style Material used as a Dress Apparel Garment; Neotrims Stretch Twist Fabric

Twist Cable Knit Fabric by Neotrims a popular beautiful polyester material used here for dressmaking by Etsy Buyer Asta

Twisted Cord Rope Trim used on Beatles Jacket; Neotrims Barley Twist 6mm Braided 3 PLY Trimming in 36 Colours.

Neotrims Best Selling Barley Twist Cord, used here by Jacko57 as a craft attachment on his Beatles Jacket costume. Barley Twisted Cord from Craft & Sewing

Cotton Voile Curtains Tied Back with Jute Twine Cord; Neotrims 17 Colours of Lawn Muslin Sheer Material

Our Voile Fabric is not only used for dressmaking, lining & apparel but as a lovely curtain shared by “Iza”. It adds a decorative and stylish look to her living room. Finest Lawn Voile Sheer Fabric

Natural Cotton- Linen Mix Woven Fabric, soft lightweight Canvas quality used for Embroidery Craft

Neotrims Plain Woven Fabrics selection comprises Calico, Painters Canvas ,Upholstery canvas and the very popular Cotton-Linen Mix – used here for Embroidery Craft by Etsy Buyer Clare.

Polar Fleece for Making Cuddly Toy Crafts! Neotrims Antipill Polar Fleece materials are popular for Dressmaking, but more and more of our creative clients use it for crafts and toys too.

Our best seller fabric goes beyond just Apparel ; The Beige & Dark Grey colour Polar Fleece Fabric used by “Crys the Hybrid” crafts project to make beautiful cuddly animal toys. Neotrims Anti Pill fleece fabric

Ribbed Knit Cuffing & Waistband trimmed on a Velour Bomber Jacket; Neotrims Cotton Polyester 1×1 Cuff Ribbing Fabric in 22 Colours.

Neotrims Knitted Rib Fabric used as Cuffing the sleeves on hand crafted blouson Jacket by our Etsy customer Zoe Jones. It’s a Neotrims consistent best seller; Stretchy 1×1 Rib Knit Waistband & Cuffing Strips.