Neotrims 6mm Silky Barley Twist Cord used as a Drawstring for a Gym bag by Amazon patron Trish

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Ref- N10704-6MM

Thank you, Trish, for leaving this incredibly detailed review on Amazon. We love in-depth your explanation was for this craft project, almost providing a step-by-step guide on how to make it and tips and tricks for working with this product. Thank you for mentioning our colour range this trimming has a vast array of 36 colours to choose from and the colour you chose matches your craft project effortlessly. We’d love to see the full gym bag you have created, kindly leave us a follow-up review on our website, to be featured in another blog post.

Neotrims 6mm barley twist cord is a 3ply high strength cord with a high sheen appearance. A versatile nylon cord that can be used for jewellery making, curtain edging, crafts, etc.

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