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Neotrims 2 Tone Water Repellent Canvas used to create a Bag by Etsy Patron AMANDA POPPLETON

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Ref- N10914- 2Tone

Thank you, Amanda, for the excellent review and image to match, its great to see what our patrons are crafting with our products. The colour you chose (Turquoise & Off white) looks excellent. Were glad that you mentioned the fact made this backpack on a domestic sewing machine, this fabric is a pleasure to create with. If you’ve purchased any more of our products, if you’ve purchased any more of our waterproof canvas or any other of our products don’t hesitate to leave us a follow-up review on our website.

Our 2 tone waterproof canvas is available in 19 superb colours with an excellent two-tone marl effect. A 100% polyester fabric with a PVC coating for extra water repellence. A fabric that wicks off water effortlessly suitable for indoor and outdoor seating, beanbags, covers, etc.

We’d like to thank all of our patrons who leave excellent reviews on our website on a daily basis, if you’ve purchased don’t hesitate to leave a review.

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