Jute Rope Twine String; Neotrims Natural 3 PLY 3mm,4mm,6mm & 10mm Tick Rope used for Garden & Home Décor Crafts

Our Best-Selling Jute cord for decoration and industrial uses, a 100% Natural string used here by Esty buyer Karen Vaughan to hang up a tribute plaque for her mother. Neotrims 6mm Jute String Rope [Click Here to Purchase]


An Eco-friendly rope great for gardeners or florist as it can be used for tying plants and flowers up. Other use for the rope is craft & arts projects such as gift wrapping, cat scratchers, and home décor.

Available in 4 sizes width that have all different uses this biodegradable rope is fantastic for DIY.

Karen Vaughan – You are now a Neotrims VIP client!; as you have been featured on our neotrims.com blog!(Your further comments would be great, please add a few words on this blog and perhaps you can share more pictures of your plaques.)

Thank you for all your positive reviews and for sharing your creations with us and we love to see and share all our customers lovely projects!

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