Elaine Clayton’s review of our Waterproof Canvas Bundle.

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Ref- n10799-Faulty-5pcs-bundle

Elaine Clayton 24 April 2021- “Great product. Mixed them with the slate grey. Worth the money.”

Here at Neotrims we love to see our products, that would be thrown away by other companies, being given a new lease of life by the ever creative and imaginative craft community. Thank you for the kind words and wonderful photo to match! We’d love to know the thought process behind the making of your fantastic seat pads. We love how you utilised all the colours in your bundle to make a truly wonderful piece of outdoor garden furniture!

5 pieces of 1.5-meter wide waterproof canvas with lengths ranging from 30cm to 50cm for only £9.99! You can make something lovely just like Elain Clayton with our waterproof canvas bundle, and

Thank you for all your positive reviews and for sharing your creations with us. We love to see and share all our customers’ lovely projects!

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