Our Drawstring and Shoelace Category. An overview of the Neotrims Hoodie Cord.

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One of our favourite categories here at Neotrims our drawstrings and shoelaces are cheap without cutting corners. From the standard 100% cotton round hoodie cord to the very flashy reflective bootlace with metal stoppers, you are sure to find the cord for you!

The cords we offer will make a great replacement for any old, tattered drawstring or shoelace you may own, why not buy a cord that is built to last as well as look stylish?

Other uses for this cord are drawstring bags or on hoodied jumpers

Over on Etsy patrons have been thoroughly enjoying our cords and have been eager to tell us what they think!

Marian- 25th of January 2021- so pleased with my order and came on time Thank you

Holly- 12th of April 2021- “Good value and does the job perfectly.”

ShavvyDavvy- 13th April 2022 – “Fantastic quality, will be buying from here for the next hoodie project :)”

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