Muslin Cheese Cloth fabric Pre Cut Squares. Brand New Product to The Neotrims Range

Our pre-cut cheese cloth is perfect for food straining [Click Here to Purchase]


Pure 100% cotton cheesecloth is tightly woven for greater straining performance, unbleached so no nasty chemicals can get into your food and lint-free! This year at Neotrims we had the bright idea to offer this cheesecloth in pre-cuts, so our patrons don’t have to spend time cutting away at our 1 meter cheesecloth.

The pre-cuts are available in 48cm by 48cm squares and 70cm by 75 cm cut pieces. The smaller cut is sold as a 4 piece bundle, the large piece is sold as a 2 piece bundle and 4 piece bundle.

As soon as our pre-cut cheesecloth became available on our site it’s been flying out the door! Our biggest size bundle is only £4.99 so it’s a bargain!

If you’d like to write a review on our cheesecloth with a picture of it being used that would be greatly appreciated. I know we have some brilliant cooks in our community, now is your time to show off!

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