Burgandy Sweatshirt Fleece Hoodie made by Samantha Rorrison. Using Neotrims Drawstring Hoodie Cord & Plain Fur Fabric as part of the Sweater.

Samantha has used a variety of Neotrims bestselling products for her hoodie fleece craft project. Neotrims Sweatshirt Fleece Fabric [Click Here to Purchase]


As Samantha has used a few of our products for her crafting project, we will talk about them separating and provide you links for them below.

Our Sweatshirt Fleece is a British Made that is 100cm wide but 200cms when slit open. Its available in 31 colours that can be used to made joggers & pullover jumpers. Sold by the meter and as a combo with a matching rib you can see our other sweatshirts at this link here.

Neotrims Bestselling Faux Fur Fabric used here as a furry lining of the inside of her hood. Using a Fat squares piece this is a perfect domestic use of it. Our Plain Faux Fur Fabric is available 23 colours for you to choose from and is commonly used for photography backdrops, blankets, throws, bed covers and craft projects.

You can see our n10756b plain fur fabric at this link.

For more of our Fur fabric you can see at this

10mm & 15mm Flat Hoodie Drawstring Hoodie Cord with gunmetal toggles. Our multipurpose flat cord is a drawstring cord for sweatshirt hoodies and garments. It’s a soft 100% cotton trim that’s available in 26 Colours.You can check out n10836 at this link here.

To see more of our Drawstring Hoodie Cord see this link here.

Samantha Rorrison – You are now a Neotrims VIP client! as you have been featured on our neotrims.com blog! (Your further comments would be great, please add a few words on this blog and perhaps you can share more pictures of your beautiful creations.)

Thank you for all your positive reviews and for sharing your creations with us and we love to see and share all our customers lovely projects!

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