A lovely review by Etsy patron; Katty Silva on our Black Faux PU Leather Tape

Our Black Faux PU Leather tape is available now! [Click Here to Purchase]

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Thank you Katty Silva it’s always nice to get a review like this; short, sweet and with a picture to match! Your words mean a lot to us, and we are always looking for customer feedback

The Black Faux Leather PU tape looks excellent in this photo we love to see ribbons taking centre stage! At Neotrims we are interested in what this image is and how you have utilized this ribbon.

Katty, did you use the tape for anything else, maybe it appeared in another photo or was used in a craft project we would love to see more?

Our faux leather tape looks brilliant in black but it’s only one of the 17 colours it is offered in; porcelain blue, young claret wine, deep olive and the list goes on! This style of PU tape is offered in 6 differing widths, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm. Our vegan, cruelty-free PU tape is offered on the Neotrims website for bargain prices of £1.79 or £1.89, dependent on colour and size.

Katty if you have created any other photos using our products, we would love to see them and write about them too!

Thank you for all your positive reviews and for sharing your creations with us. We love to see and share all our customer’s lovely projects!

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