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NI2152   NI2156   NI2155
Price:£0.69/ £0.55/ £0.44   Prcie:£1.39/ £1.08/ £0.98   Price:£0.98/ £0.78/ £0.71
Qts: 500pcs/ 2500pcs/5000pcs   Qts: 500pcs/2500pcs/5000pcs   Qts: 500pcs/2500pcs/5000pcs
Size:4.2CM(W)X16CM(D)   Size: 6CM(W)X17CM(D)   Size:9CM(W)X18.5CM(D)
Black Chinese button with Tassel   Large circular embellishment with tassel, Rayon   Art deco design Tassel embellishment with tassel, Rayon.
NI2169   NI2171   NI2151
Price:£0.69/ £0.55/ £0.44   Prcie:£0.75/ £0.65/ £0.54   Price:£0.88/ £0.74/ £0.65
Qts: 500pcs/ 2500pcs/5000pcs   Qts: 500pcs/ 2500pcs/5000pcs   Qts:500pcs/ 2500pcs/ 5000pcs
Size:12CM(W)X8.3CM(D)   Size:11CM(W)X18CM(D)   Size:18.5CM(W)X12.5CM(D)
Symmetrical looped triangular frogging embellishment, black rayon   Long V looped frogging Rayon embellishment, great front piece. Two tone Rayon   Black Rayon Frogging Embellishment, All Loops in a V shape.
NI2188   NI2187   NI2024
Pirce:£0.88/ £0.74/£0.65 meter   price:£1.25/£0.98/£0.89 meter   PRICE:£0.69/ £0.59/ £0.39p meter
Qts: 500/ 2500/ 5000meters   Qts:500/2500/5000meters   Qts:1000m/ 5000m/ 10 000m
Size:3CM (W)   Size:3.5CM (W)   Size:3CM
100% black cotton Openwork , scalloped Crochet tape, beautiful!   Gorgeous crochet work of art! Pic says it all! Great edging details for a garment!   100%Cotton;Crochet Lace, open work circles and square pattern.

 Neotrims office in UK and CHINA.

Prices quoted above are FOB Leicester. However, we offer TWO price structures:
Paying Direct to China on China terms can mean getting a much better price, but terms have to be Nett before Delivery. Neotrism UK will still handle all communication, deliveries etc. as normal.
 Talk to us with any special requirements of any trims and accessories. We’ll be able to find you what you want!
UK Knitted Trims factory produces everything locally:
We are experts at ANY kind of knitted ribs, from continuous rib fabrics to collars, rib strips,
knitted strapping tape, tubular cuffing etc. All as trims for any garments from Bombers to Formals to Casuals. Delivery is fast and sampling available instantly. Quality Knitted trims from Neo Knitting, experience which spans 25 years!!

    Contact us: paresh@neotrims.com anant@neotrims.com
Tel: 01162 714923 Fax 01162 714422

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